Dr. Theresa Garza is a board-certified obesity medicine physician. She specializes in bariatrics, the branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity. Her medical, non-surgical weight management program is available for in-office visits in Plano, Texas. She is also offering telehealth/telemedicine only visits through her new online program.

All board-certified obesity medicine physicians and specialists hold active certification with the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). Dr. Garza holds this in Family Medicine, however, she is not a primary care provider or general practitioner. She sees patients for weight loss and weight management only.

Dr. Garza and her nurse practitioners perform consultations, manage patients, and have successfully helped multiple patients reach and maintain healthier weights. The program focuses on learning healthy behavior modifications, improving quality nutrition, implementing practical exercise/activity, and using FDA-approved weight loss medications when indicated. Her philosophy centers around eating good quality food in moderation, and not depriving yourself. She also believes in ongoing support to encourage patients on their progress, improve accountability, monitor medications, and make necessary modifications in a patient’s ever-changing lifestyle.

Dr. Garza is board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) and board-certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM). She is committed to continual education through medical lectures and meetings about current and new weight management and anti-aging practices. As a member of various professional associations such as the American Academy of Family Physicians, Obesity Medicine Association (formerly American Society of Bariatric Physicians), Dallas County Medical Society, Texas Medical Association, and Obesity Action Coalition, she stays abreast of the need and growth for bariatric medicine. She is an affiliate physician member of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Dr. Garza and her staff understand your weight loss struggles and commend you on taking this crucial step to improving your health. They strive to give personalized, attentive care to each and every patient. Dr. Garza believes a weight management strategy is a collaboration of both patient and physician/provider and has to be practical for the patient to achieve and maintain success.

We look forward to seeing you in our office!

Theresa N. Garza, D.O.

Melissa Lopez Pham, FNP-C