“She’s very thorough.. to the point, and very helpful. I am very glad I came to see her. I am motivated to lose weight and cannot wait to see more great results. I highly recommend Dr. Garza. Her staff are upbeat and friendly as well, I love it!”

“Dr. Garza’s office is unlike others. She and her staff focus on optimizing weight loss through medications, behavior modification, and improving patients’ eating patterns & habits. I have lost 35 pounds in 4 months, and I feel great! In addition, she checked my testosterone level (which was borderline low). I feel like a new person with testosterone shots, and my wife thanks you!”

From Healthgrades:

“Dr. Garza is a great doctor. She definitely knows how to get the weight off, if you follow directions and are serious about losing weight. Great staff always friendly and smiling.”

From Angie’s List:

“They only do weight management and they know what they are doing.”

From Google reviews:

“I have been going for two months and couldn’t be happier with the staff. Always smiling and very friendly and professional. I have already lost almost 20lbs and love that they don’t hassle you to buy additional supplements or products. Not a crash diet. I still eat everyday foods just not all the processed high fat foods. I feel amazing. And I can still have a glass of wine or a drink with my husband on date night. Love love love their approach to weight management.”

“Wonderful experience. Great customer service from staff and Dr. Garza is very kind, and knowledgeable. Also, they have great products to add with your daily meals in addition to your weight management plan. Normally, I would never purchase meal replacements or protein mixes but these are really delicious.. Highly recommend her practice.”